What must be done while traveling in Corona

Corona infection is increasing every day. Doctors and experts are repeatedly warning. Since almost no one was able to go around the whole time last year, everyone is sitting and will go somewhere if they get a chance. But many have wondered, would it be safe to go around at all in this situation? What should be done in case of corona infection? What can be done?

If possible, postpone the tour date

If you have already set a date for the tour, you may be wondering whether to go or not. If possible, postpone the tour date. During this time the infection has increased a lot, but by the time the infection gets back under control, you can go around.

Test before and after the tour

Have a covid test at least a day before you go on tour. This will make sure you are not infected. If you are not infected, you can definitely go for a walk. And even after returning, you must take the Covid test. You need to be aware of your own health to be safe and secure.

Use sanitizer

Keep with sanitizer on the go. Use regular sanitizer to stay safe in corona epidemics. They should also be encouraged to use sanitizer when traveling with family or friends.

Transact in card and mobile banking app

Cash transactions are being discouraged in various countries to avoid the risk of Corona epidemic. Transact as much as possible through credit card or mobile banking app.

Adhere to safe distances

Travel as far as possible, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Travel with as few people as possible. Travel alone if possible. Adhere to safe distances.

Wear a mask yourself, encourage others too

You have to wear a mask to avoid coronavirus. It is important to wear a mask, especially when traveling. Wearing a mask while in the car or while walking is much less likely to cause corona.

Exclude popular places and choose offbeat places

Popular places like Cox’s Bazar, Khagrachhari, Bandarban, Sylhet are naturally very crowded. You can avoid those places and come back to a new place or a secluded village in North Bengal. However, you can avoid the crowd there, you will also have a good time in nature.

Keep up with the local hospital number

No matter where you go, always keep in touch with the local hospital. Because, if you feel sick in any way while visiting, you can immediately contact that hospital and get the treatment you need.

Be sure about health protection before traveling in transportation

Adhere to proper health care rules at home or in the office; But are you sure about the health protection of the vehicle you are traveling in? If not here’s a new product just for you! Be sure to talk to the transportation authority about whether the place you are sitting on is safe when traveling by bus or hired transport. Quickly spray disinfectant on the hard surface around you while taking a seat.

Special caution before touching

Care should be taken when using ATMs, check-in machines, escalators and any other device before boarding a bus, train or plane. Wear gloves when using things that others have touched.

If you have covid symptoms, consult a doctor first

If you start sneezing or coughing even a few days before going for a walk, consult a doctor first. If he advises you to test, get tested. Take the next step according to the doctor’s advice. If you are healthy, you can walk around. So joy after health first!

Make a list

Some things must be carried with you while traveling. She should have a hand sanitizer, toilet paper, tissues and a mask on her list. These things will help you get protection from viruses.

Due to various restrictions, including lockdowns and travel bans, to control the outbreak of coronavirus, people are rarely able to get out. However, after months of vaccinations around the world, restrictions have been relaxed and travel bans have largely been lifted. As a result, post-Corona travel is expected to increase significantly. Stay healthy while traveling.

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