What is Oral Allergy Syndrome? Do whatever it takes to remedy

What is Oral Allergy Syndrome?

The tongue plays an important role in chewing food. Sometimes the tongue may swell. This happens for various reasons. This can also be due to allergies.

Itching of the mouth, tongue and gums after taking certain foods due to allergic reactions. If the amount of itching is small and limited to the mouth only, then medical science considers it as Oral Allergy Syndrome.

Many times the patient’s negligence can also be a cause of danger if the problem is not caught at the right time. Dental surgeon Dr. advised Jugantar about the cause and remedy of tongue swelling. Md. Faruk Hossain.

Allergic reactions can cause sudden swelling of the tongue. In this case, if the cause is allergic, treatment should be taken without delay. Swollen tongue can be seen in Down syndrome, infections, genetics, stagnation, tongue cancer, anemia and leukemia.

One of the causes of inflammation of the tongue test buds is inadvertent biting on the tongue. Foods that are acidic, overly spicy or salty can also cause inflammation of the test buds on the tongue and cause swelling.

Prolonged swelling of the tongue can be caused by acromegaly, sarcoma, oral cancer, or Down syndrome. Swelling of the tongue occurs when the tongue is swollen and sometimes the normal color of the tongue changes. Because of this the tongue can look very smooth.

Pernis anemia occurs when our body cannot absorb enough vitamin B12 to function properly. Such anemia can cause inflammation or burning sensation of the tongue. If someone is allergic to toothpaste, the tongue may become inflamed or inflamed. Mouthwash without toothpaste, dentures and some medications cause the same condition in allergic reactions.

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