What are the causes of tooth decay?

Bardem General Hospital and Ibrahim Medical College, Professor of Dentistry, Dr. advice on the causes and remedies for dental caries. Arup Ratan Chowdhury.

Usually after eating any kind of sweet food, sugary food, chocolate, chewing gum, candy, etc., a kind of acid is formed in the mouth, which gradually erodes the hard coating ‘enamel’ on the top of the teeth.

In the case of those who eat more of these foods, the enamel is eroded and cavities are formed in the teeth. If there is a hole or cavity in the tooth, dirt and food particles accumulate in it, resulting in infection. If children have this cavity or cavity, they suffer from pain and their teeth will grind as soon as they eat something.

The dental caries initially looks like a very small black hole. Since there is no pain or discomfort in this condition, patients, especially children, do not understand that the hole is being made. Only after complications occur.

What to do

The empty space should be filled or filled as soon as the cavities appear in the teeth. If the dental carriage gradually moves deeper from the dentin to the pulp chamber, the pain intensity increases. The medical system also becomes complicated.

Broken teeth nowadays can be beautifully filled with filling material or lightcure, which is exactly the normal color to look at. Root canal treatment should not delay the installation of crowns or crowns on teeth.

To prevent dental caries, you need to brush your teeth twice a day with balanced fluoride toothpaste. In addition, you need to use toothpaste that repairs enamel. Sugary drinks or sticky foods, unhealthy foods, coffee, etc. should be avoided or the face should be rinsed after eating.

You don’t just have to brush, you have to clean the gap between the teeth with floss or floss. As well as regular (at least twice a year) dental examination by a registered dental surgeon.

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