The most spectacular place in France

Although France is famous for its wine and cheese, it is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. More than 82 million visitors visit France during the year. Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux and many other cities have a huge interest in cultural tourists. The number of World Heritage Sites in the country is 39! France is also the number one destination for tourists around the world for its comfortable climate, beautiful beaches, ancient castles, historical museums, gardens and parks.

So let’s take a look at some of the sights in France:

1: Riviera / Cot da’zur
The French Riviera / Côte d’Azur is the 5th most visited place in France. This is one of the most interesting coastal areas of France which can be synonymous with “glamor”. C ডাte d’Ivoire means “Coast of Blue” due to the deep blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. However, in English it is called French Riviera. It stretches from Saint Tropez to Menton on the Italian border. In summer it becomes a meeting place for beach lovers. Many wealthy people in ships and yachts. The “Cannes” is famous for its celebrity film festivals and hotels.

2. Versailles
Next on the list of the most visited places in France is Versaille, a small village in France. And this Versailles village is famous for its large and stunning palace (Chateau, Palace of Versaille). This place is one of the finest examples of beauty in French art. Versailles was often the headline news for Queen Marie Anton during the French Revolution.
Although the original residence of Versailles was only used as a hunting lodge for Louis XIII and his family, it was later decorated in various ways and transformed into an immense royal building. This royal palace is well known for its beautiful gardens and the “Hall of Mirrors”. Tourists from France usually come to Versailles to visit this famous and royal palace. However, the city has become a wonder to tourists in its own right.

3: Mont Saint-Mitchell
Mont Saint-Michel is the 3rd most visited place in France. Rising from the sea, Mont Saint-Mitchell is like a strange imaginary castle. Its location is on a small island off the coast of Normandy in France that is affected by the highest tide in Europe. The medieval castle was transformed into a church and became one of the most important tourist attractions in France. There are also shops, restaurants and small hotels. UNESCO listed Mont Saint-Mitchell as a World Heritage Site in 1989. About 300,000 visitors come to see this church every year.

4: Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum, one of the world’s most famous and prosperous museums in Paris, France, ranks second on our list. Construction of the museum in France was completed in 1200, although construction began 200 years ago. However, the golden age of the Louvre is called the reign of Emperor Napoleon I. Under his leadership, French domination spread throughout Europe, and the museum’s collection grew dramatically. He brought here and stored the valuable goods and artefacts looted from the conquered countries.
But after the fall of Napoleon, many of these valuable commodities and artefacts were returned to the conquered countries. In 1848, the Louvre became the state property of France. At present, it has a number of Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Oriental artefacts in a separate gallery with 6 administrative divisions. The museum also has works of art and sculpture by many famous artists and sculptors. Da Vinci’s world-famous historical work of art, the Mona Lisa, is also preserved in the Louvre.

5: Eiffel Tower

In fact, when we talk about the sights of France, the picture of the Eiffel Tower floats before our eyes. Is that so? Yes, this landmark of France is also in the 1st place in our list. Its location is in the city of Paris. Its builder, Gustavo Eiffel, built it in 189 as the gateway to the Paris International Exhibition. It is 324 meters (1,063 feet) long. The Eiffel Tower was made up of 18,038 pairs of small and large structures of different shapes made of iron pieces. Built of iron for visitors to visit, the Eiffel Tower has 3 levels. However, its third floor is the most popular for observing the city of Paris. On an average, about 25,000 visitors visit the Eiffel Tower every day.

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