Some of the best places to visit in Dubai

Whether you go to Dubai alone or go on a family vacation, Dubai has all the wonderful places to visit, both old and new. Here we have mentioned some of the iconic places in Dubai from Al Fahidi Fort to Dubai Water Canal, which you should visit at least once.

Dubai frame
If you want to see both old and new Dubai at the same time, go to Dubai Frame. This latest addition to Dubai is an architectural masterpiece that will show you the cities of the past, standing 150 meters away from the ground, and some glimpses of the future.

It offers spectacular views across the city, as well as galleries in the past and future of Dubai.

Dubai Water Canal Tolerance Bridge
If you haven’t thought of watching Dubai’s sunset or sunrise from the Tolerance Bridge, you’re missing out on an amazing experience!

Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some great pictures. It is also a great place to visit, as there are many restaurants, walkways and a shopping center.

Al Fahidi Fortress
Built in 1787, Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in Dubai. You can also visit the famous Dubai Museum where exhibits of both local culture and artifacts are on display. Some of the things that make this museum special are the living-sized dioramas and a 4000-year-old tomb recovered from the Al-Qusais archeological site.

Burj Al Arab
Our final advice is definitely Iconic and one of the most well known sites in Dubai. With a golden interior, an underwater restaurant and a private chauffeur, we can clearly see why it is known worldwide as the ‘seven-star’.

If you want to take a spa or have afternoon tea, you need to book it in advance. It may not be the cheapest thing you can do, but you must visit this huge luxury hotel.

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