Farmers got diamonds from the same place six times in two years!

For the sixth time in two years, a farmer got diamonds from the same place. According to media reports, the recently found diamond weighed 7.48 carats.

The report said good quality diamonds were found on land leased from the government in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

In this regard, the officer in charge of the mine, Natun Jain, said that a farmer named Prakash Majumder found the diamond from the mine in Jarurapur village.

He said the diamond would be put up for auction soon and the price would be fixed as per the government’s instructions.

In this regard, Prakash Majumder said that five of them had taken permission to carry out excavation in the mine.

He said the money from the sale of diamonds would be shared by five people.

With this, Prakash got diamond for the sixth time in two years. Last year, he got a diamond of 8.44 carats.

The emerald district is estimated to have a stock of 12 lakh carats of diamonds.

The state government has divided the land into small plots and leased them to local farmers and miners for a fixed period.

After receiving the diamond, they submit it to the officer in charge.

The diamonds were sold by the government by organizing an auction.

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